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Buen Diccionario de Hebreo Online: Morfix

Buen Diccionario de Hebreo Online

A rather good Hebrew Dictionary Online

Hebrew and English
Con teclado virtual, audio, etc. 

Curso gratuito de hebreo del FSI (mp3 y pdf)

 Curso gratuito de hebreo del FSI (mp3 y pdf)

language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute.
These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain.
This site is dedicated to making these language courses freely available in an electronic format. This site is not affiliated in any way with any government entity; it is an independent, non-profit effort to foster the learning of worldwide languages. Courses here are made available through the private efforts of individuals who are donating their time and resources to provide quality materials for language learning.
The site has been down for two months to the day. Here are now other sources for these materials:

Cursos y Diccionarios de árabe marroquí Learning Moroccan Arabic (mp3 y pdf)

curso de árabe marroquí 

Learning Moroccan Arabic (gratis)

curso de árabe marroquí - Learning Moroccan Arabic (gratis) 

 Diccionario Arabe Marroqui 

 Moroccan Arabic ( Darija ) PDF mp3

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here in PDF (26mb) and zipped (20mb). Associated audio files (very large 426mb file).


Friends of Morocco YouTube Channel

Peace Corps Morocco YouTube Channel

 Methode Arabe Maghrebin Moderne 1

Árabe Marroquí: Página web de Francisco Moscoso

لعربيّة المغربيّة

Árabe Marroquí

Gramáticas, cuentos, enlaces...

Curso de árabe marroquí: diálogos, gramática, ejercicios, glosario, bibliografía

Otros libros
Nadi Hamdi Nouaouri, Francisco Moscoso García
Diccionario Espanol-Arabe Marroqui
del mismo autor

 Dictionnaire de grammaire de l'arabe dialectal maghrébin
Dictionnaire Français-arabe

Arabe marroquí
Canal de Albujayra

Mis blogs y mi páginas estan dedicados principalmente a recursos gratuitos, pero tarde o temprano hay que gastarse el dinero en algun libro, etc. esto de la enseñanza de lenguas es una profesión. De todas formas en este canal de Youtube (español) también podras encontrar algunos recursos gratuitos
Albujayra es una empresa española. Fundada en 2006, Albujayra se dedica a la promoción, edición, difusión y comercialización del libro... B chuiya b chuiya (بشويّة بشويّة) es un curso destinado a jóvenes o adultos que quieran iniciarse en el estudio de la lengua árabe marroquí y de su cultura de una forma práctica y dinámica.

Canal de Youtube: 

delos 55 videos he elegido uno para insertar (no tiene lista de reproduccion)


  Diccionario Arabe Marroqui

   Diccionario Arabe Marroqui

 "Diccionario Arabe Marroqui" is an easy-to-read dictionay that will help spanish speaking people to learn MORROCAN ARABIC easily and effectively. without a doubt, It's highly recommended for MOROCCANS whom are willing to get in grips with spanish. With its clear, accessible and easy-to-use information that will certainly accelarte your learning.

 Moroccan Arabic ( Darija ) PDF mp3

  Moroccan Arabic (Darija) Textbook. Peace Corps, Morocco

                                                    Friends of Morocco

Textbook PDF (25MB)   
Audio MP3 (37MB)   


Friends of Morocco (FOM), active since 1988, is an organization of Americans, mostly returned Peace Corps volunteers

Viajes de Ibn Battuta

Viajes de Ibn Battuta

كتاب رحلة ابن بطوطة، المسماة، تحفة النظار في غرائب الأمصار وعجائب الأسفار

Tuhfat al-anzar fi gharaaib al-amsar wa ajaaib al-asfar (Rihla)
The Travels of Ibn Battuta  
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Link de otra versión en pdf,-19,359    

OCR del anterior... lo estoy preprando

En árabe: (online)
o  (download)

The Author (
The author Shams al-Din, Abu `Abdullah, Muhammad b. `Abdullah al-Tanji better known as Ibn Battuta, the first great globe-trotter in history, was born in a family of Berber origin in 703H (1304 CE). He grew up in Tanja, received education in Maliki curriculum and stayed in his home town till he was 22 years old. During this period, he read and heard about different countries and the people living there. This created in him an urge to travel and see the vast world around him. His first journey was for performing the pilgrimage, from where the lure of the unknown possessed him and he merged himself into distant horizons, only to reappear and then disappear again.

Leaving Tanja on 2 Rajab 725H (13 June 1325CE) he returned to his home country after 25 years by the end of Sha`ban 750H Still not satiated, he made two more journeys, one to Granada in the north and the other to Niger in the south. Chronological order of his journeys, clearly shows that Ibn Battuta made Makkah-Madinah the central destinations to which he would often return for pilgrimage.

The Book

On return to the home country, he came to the State capital of Fas (instead of Tanja where probably his parents had already died). The enlightened Sultan of Fas, impressed by Ibn Battuta’s narrations, deputed an able scholar Abu `Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Jaziyy to take dictations from him for which Ibn Battuta agreed more so because the two had already met in Granada. Ibn Jaziyy proved to be a good editor and carried out the assignment satisfactorily and recorded all the stories and reports faithfully without verification and further investigation. This Ibn Jaziyy himself asserts in the Introduction where he compliments Ibn Battuta for his maturity, insight and understanding as a reliable and truthful traveler (al-Shaykh, al-Faqih, al-Saleh al-Thiqah al-Saduq). Ibn Battuta had himself recorded the detailed account of what he saw and experienced. Especially, his notes on the later part of his journey from Malabar back home were safe with him and he took help from those notes when dictating to Ibn Jaziyy. However, he could not save the notes of the first parts of his travel when his boat was attacked by pirates in the Indian ocean. It has been observed that by the sheer vastness of his travels and immensity of the written account of them, Ibn Battuta imparted a new dimension to the genre of Rihla (travels) as being a description of the known world.

hebreo y arabe en youtube

more resources for learning hebrew and youtube videos

English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets 
English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets

Directory of Jacob Richman's Web Sites 

curso de hebreo elemental / intermedio

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