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Online Arabic Course

 Online Arabic Course (Youtube)   


El Proyecto Gutenberg comienza a tener libros en hebreo...

הצופה לבית ישראל by Isaac Erter

El Proyecto Gutenberg comienza a tener libros en hebreo...

Sipurim (Stories) by Samuel Vaknin

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Diccionario Hebreo Español Online


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My English Hebrew Dictionary Learn Hebrew

My English Hebrew Dictionary (BEGINNERS)

My English Hebrew Dictionary

for beginners, para principiantes


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Buena Página sobre Palestina - Israel: de-colonizer


Buena Página sobre Palestina e Israel
Very good site about Palestine & Israel

De-Colonizer is an alternative research and art center for experimenting and creating tools to live in peace in a share land (Israel/Palestine).

In French, Hebrew, some English, Arabic, and Spanish 
Apart from the interesting content, a help in the learning of languages... 


[...] We envision a future beyond the colonialist and racist regime, in which everyone living here will be equal. Ground zero of the existing regime is the 1948 Nakba, the inevitable result of the effort to create a Jewish State in the Middle East.  Overcoming Zionism requires Israel to acknowledge the expulsion and destruction of Palestinians and their lives, and to redress that by granting refugees the right to return.  The principal victims of this regime are, of course, the Palestinians, but Israeli Jews have also paid the price of conquest since 1948 by living in constant fear, with no hope of peace.  In other words, we believe an essential key to our future here is deeply rooted in our past. [...]

דה-קולונייזר היא  מעבדת מחקר ואמנות  המשמשת לניסוי ויצירת כלים שיאפשרו חיים משותפים לכל תושבי הארץ ופליטיה. במסגרת זו אנחנו חוזים עתיד שיוכל להתקיים מעבר למשטר הקולוניאליסטי והגזעני, שבמסגרתו יוכלו כל בני ובנות הארץ לחלוק אותה כשווים. שעת האפס של המשטר הנוכחי היא הנכבה שהתרחשה ב-1948, שהיתה למעשה  תוצאה בלתי נמנעת של המאמצים להקים מדינה יהודית במזרח התיכון. כדי להתגבר על הבעייתיות, הקושי והעוולות שבאידיאולוגיה ובהיסטוריה הציונית, על ישראל להכיר בנכבה - הגירוש וההרס שגרמה לפלסטינים - ולפעול לתיקון  העוול הזה באמצעות זכות השיבה של הפליטים. חשוב לומר כי על אף שהקורבנות העיקריים של משטר זה הם הפלסטינים, גם היהודים הישראלים משלמים מחיר על היותם כובשים מאז 1948, כאלה שחיים בפחד מתמיד, ללא תקוה לשלום. במילים אחרות, אנו מאמינות שמפתח הכרחי לעתיד טוב יותר טמון עמוק בעבר שלנו.
Mapa de la Nabka (catastrofe) en hebreo 
fuente/source: http://www.de-colonizer.org/#!map/c176w   
the destroyed communities in Palestine / Israel since the beginning of the Zionist colonisation up to the war in 1967
En français       בעברית
 Eitan Bronstein Aparicio's last project before leaving Zochrot and co-founding De-Colonizer, was the completion of the Nakba Map, the only one printed in Hebrew. This is an improved version of the first Nakba map also edited by Eitan

(ver página web para detalles del mapa  http://www.de-colonizer.org/#!nakba-map-be-ivrit/c12hp )

Jews and Arabs in the International Brigades: The Naftali Botwin Company

Jews and Arabs in the International Brigades

The Naftali Botwin Company

Gracias a todos los que vinisteis a ayudarnos, nunca os olvidaremos 

By Mitch Abidor  see the web page, here follows a summary: 

The Brigades drew largely from the parties of the Comintern, and it’s estimated that of the 35,000 members of the Brigades, between 6,500 and 8,000 were Jews. The largest contingent was in America’s Abraham Lincoln Brigade, but a large number of the Poles were also Jews; in fact they played a key role in many of the units of the International Brigades: even seventeen of Bulgaria’s 400 fighters were Jews. Palestine sent a mixed Jewish-Arab contingent of almost 200 fighters, which included Left-Zionists in its ranks, alongside members of the Palestine Communist Party. The largest proportion was in the Brigades’ medical corps, which was 70% Jewish






Hebrew Arabic Free University Courses

 Hebrew Arabic Free University Courses

Hebrew/Hebreo at the University of Texas at Austinwww.laits.utexas.edu/hebrew    muchos recursos, video y audio, tutoriales... 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Letters & ScienceLanguage Resource Center   

College of Letters & ScienceLanguage Resource Center University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Penn Online

State Library of Louisiana

Louisiana tiene el más curioso sistema legal de todos los EE. UU. En esta librería encontrarás legislación, formularios, etc.


por ejemplo, mira este ejemplo de contrato...

Theory of Literature

American Novel

Homer & many other topics


Read Arabic is no longer being maintained, and the resources are no longer available. This portal is the current language resource managed by the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. Please take a moment to explore the resources here, and thanks for your interest in Read Arabic!.

Funded by the US Department of Education, the materials of Read Arabic! were developed to provide online e-learning reading lessons aimed at beginning and intermediate students of the language.

The lessons provide reading practice in Modern Standard Arabic, the written language of education, the media, and official documents across the Arabic-speaking world.

College of Letters & ScienceLanguage Resource Center

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee




Penn Online


The Online Books Page

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